honey + hot sauce

crispy golden fried chicken with a side of kents honey and hot sauce

Sweet and spicy, perfectly balanced.

pork and vegetable eggrolls with kents sweet and spicy honey and hot sauce

The Cure For The Common Condiment

Sweet and spicy, perfectly balanced.  This one of a kind condiment is a delicious addition to any meal.  Try as a dipping sauce for fried chicken and other fried foods.  Drizzle on eggs, tacos and breakfast meats. Great as a marinade, dressing, or glaze.  Pairs splendidly with BBQ and Asian cuisine.

award for best tasting hot sauce at the austin hot sauce festival

Award Winning Flavor

"Kent's Sauce, It's on the table!"

sweet and spicy stirfry ingredients with kents honey and hot sauce
crispy southern fried chicken with pickle and jalepeno and kents honey and hot sauce
crispy fried popcorn shrimp tossed in sweet and spicy kents sauce
pork and veggie eggrolls with kents sauce
home made sweet and spicy cheese burger with kents sauce
al pastor taco topped with kents honey and hot sauce